Yoga and Lifestyle

We all know that achieving happiness requires a healthy lifestyle. A healthy lifestyle consists of a healthy diet, restful sleep, body hygiene, exercise, good hydration, the avoidance of alcohol and tobacco, relaxation, oxygenation and meditation. That’s a lot, isn’t it?

Today, we show you that it is quite possible to achieve balance by combining

Yoga and Lifestyle


Yoga et Hygiène de Vie


Read below the perfect plan!


  • A healthy and balanced diet

Choose fresh fruits and vegetables, preferably at each meal. If possible, avoid fatty and processed foods. We are fortunate in Panama to be able to eat fish easily and at very affordable costs. Do not hesitate!



  • A restful sleep

All scientists will tell you, the secret of a balanced life is sleep. Some people only need 6 hours to be in good shape, others will not be funcionnal until after 8 hours of sleep. Try and find your rhythm!



  • Body hygiene

Although it seems obvious, body hygiene is not just a daily shower! It is very important to take special care of your body. Teeth, in particular, are an often overlooked area while the health of your teeth, nails and hair is indicative of your general condition. So, pamper yourself!



  • A moderate use of alcohol and tobacco

It is always nice to sip a cocktail by the pool, but do not make it a habit! Make it a reward! However, avoid at all costs tobacco that has no advantage on its side. At worst, limit your consumption!



  • Good hydration

Normally, in continental countries, it is strongly recommended to drink 1 liter and a half of water a day. In tropical countries, such as our beautiful Panama, do not hesitate to pass this amount to 2 liters minimum. (water, right! not cocktail! 😉 )



  • Exercise, relaxation, oxygenation, meditation, do you think of something ?

Of course, YOGA!

Yoga brings you all the necessary complement to your lifestyle. Soft exercises performed while controlling your breathing are the very foundations of yoga. Relaxation and meditation are the complements. Register for a yoga class at El Litoral so you can see for yourself.



As you may have read, when it comes to lifestyle, this sometimes seems completely unrealizable to the extent that you have to have time to exercise, eat properly, without neglecting sleep. If you have a professional activity on the top of it, it may not possible.

Unless … you opt for yoga because it allows you to perform your physical activities, meditation and relaxation while taming your breathing. The bonus is that the yoga classes at El Litoral bring you good mood as a bonus!

Join us quickly and regain control of your life! Namaste



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