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Yoga and Lifestyle

Yoga et Hygiène de Vie

We all know that achieving happiness requires a healthy lifestyle. A healthy lifestyle consists of a healthy diet, restful sleep, body hygiene, exercise, good hydration, the avoidance of alcohol and tobacco, relaxation, oxygenation and meditation. That’s a lot, isn’t it?

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Weather in Panama

Climat Au Panama

Recent climate events in the Caribbean made us particularly concerned, knowing that we feel very close to our Caribbean friends both geographically and culturally. What about climate in Panama?   In Panama, as you probably know, there are only two

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A day in El Valle de Anton with GTA Panama

Une journée à El Valle de Anton avec GTA Panama

Here you have arrived at the B & B El Litoral, it is now time to check on the wonderful activities in the surroundings. To start, what better way than a day in El Valle de Anton with GTA Panama?!

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5 reasons to retire in Panama

5 raisons de prendre sa retraite au Panama

We work most of our lives and when the long-awaited moment to withdraw from working life, we are sometimes confronted with uncertainties! With this in mind, we are giving you today 5 reasons to retire in Panama Weather Who has

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