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Rediscover the Holistic Center El Litoral

Redécouvrez le Centre Holistique El Litoral

For those who already know us, this article is a continuation of what we have always proposed. For those who discover us, first of all, we welcome you to this space which, we hope, will make you want to visit

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Overcoming Stress Through Yoga

Vaincre le Stress grâce au Yoga

We are all aware that stress is the disease of the century. From simple fatigue to total burnout, stress can lead to depression and the use of chemical treatments to help restore our serotonin levels. There are much more natural

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Preventing Instead of Healing

Prévenir au lieu de Guérir

As part of our health series, we are focusing today on the tricks and tips of Preventing Instead of Healing. It is not always easy to listen to ourselves and when we experience some pain, it is sometimes too late

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Healthy Happy Event at El Litoral

Evènement Santé au El Litoral

Surely you’ve already heard the proverb, “Preventing is better than curing,” isn’t it? To keep this state of mind, we are pleased to invite you to a Healthy Happy Event at El Litoral the 28th of November 2017 sarting at

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Mudras or Hand yoga

Mudras ou Yoga des Doigts

We all wondered one day whether there was any special meaning to the position of hands and fingers in yoga sessions. The answer is yes! To better understand, we invite you to read more and to immediately start practicing Mudras

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