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Preventing Instead of Healing

Prévenir au lieu de Guérir

As part of our health series, we are focusing today on the tricks and tips of Preventing Instead of Healing. It is not always easy to listen to ourselves and when we experience some pain, it is sometimes too late

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5 Restaurants to try in Coronado

5 Restaurants à essayer à Coronado

You have arrived at the wonderful safe heaven that is the Bed and Breakfast El Litoral! Despite the sumptuous breakfasts that await you, we offer 5 Restaurants to try in Coronado for your lunches and dinners.     The Nazca

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5 Reasons to Practice Pilates

5 Raisons de pratiquer le pilates

We all know that in addition to a balanced diet, it is important to have a physical activity. That’s why we offer you today 5 Reasons to Practice Pilates     Pilates can be practiced at any age Pilates can

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The Typical Cuisine of Panama

La Cuisine Typique du Panama

Panama, like any other country, has its gastronomic specialties! So that you know what to expect, find below 4 popular recipes of  The Typical Cuisine of Panama     The Ceviche The Sancocho The Empanadas The Ropa Vieja Get Ready

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Weather in Panama

Climat Au Panama

Recent climate events in the Caribbean made us particularly concerned, knowing that we feel very close to our Caribbean friends both geographically and culturally. What about climate in Panama?   In Panama, as you probably know, there are only two

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