Mudras or Hand yoga

We all wondered one day whether there was any special meaning to the position of hands and fingers in yoga sessions. The answer is yes!

To better understand, we invite you to read more and to immediately start practicing

Mudras or Hand yoga


Mudras ou Yoga des Doigts



You can practice mudras as well during yoga classes as during your meditation, transportation, queues, etc.

Knowing that your fingers are vectors of energy, it is advisable to stimulate them by shaking them or by hitting them lightly. Your fingers are also the representation of the 5 elements:

  • The thumb corresponds to fire (Agni)
  • The index represents the air (Vayu)
  • The middle finger is associated with the ether (Akasha)
  • The ring finger relates to the earth (Prithvi)
  • and the little finger means water (Jala).



What are the most used mudras?


  • Atmanjali Mudra


Image result for AtmanjaliThis is the mudra of thanks and request.

Hands are joined in front of the heart chakra with a small space between the palms.



  • Gyan mudra

Image result for Gyan mudra styliséIt is the mudra of meditation par excellence. Lightly press your index finger on your thumb, palm to the sky. The combination between the thumb (fire) and the index (air) allows the circulation of energy in the circle thus formed.



  • Ganesha Mudra

This movement is used to cross or remove obstacles.Image result for ganesha mudra stylisé

It relieves stress and elevates the mind.



  • Apan Mudra


Image result for apan mudra styliséThis action promotes the circulation of air in your body and produces an increase in the elimination of toxins.



  • Uttarabodhi Mudra


This movement helps boost self-confidence with the ultimate goal of achieving happiness.Image result for uttarah bhody mudra stylisé

The practice of this mudra leads you to the idea that there is no negative energy in your life. Whatever your current challenges, everything will work out in the future.

This is the charging movement of your batteries!



As you can see, our fingers are associated with the 5 elements and depending on the mudras performed, the benefits of this practice are virtually unlimited.

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