Massages Drainage Relaxation


Body scrub
For a soft and silky skin with a relaxing massage

Promotes relaxation and relieve stress by combining different techniques

Lomi Lomi
Fluid and enveloping movements, sensation of lightness for total relaxation

Deep Tissue​
Ideal to deeply relieve muscular stiffness

Regenerating it alternates rhytms and techniques to ensure toxins removal

  Chinese  Tui Na 
Pressure, streching, vibrations, mobilizations to remove all the stiffness and to balance the energy flow as well as blood and lymphatic flows

Dressed and on the ground, it use pressure, strechting ad gentle mobilizations to restore the energy balance

 Lymphatic drainage
Slow and light massage techniques without oil to boost the lymphatic circulation. Very effective to eliminate excess water, restore well-being and lightness

Qi Nei Tsang
Abdominal massage which stimulates metabolism and balance digestive functions. Realeases abdomen tenses and stabilizes emotions

Foot massage
Pression des points réflexes et massage général des pieds pour une détente profonde
et une revitalisation de l’ensemble de l’organisme.
General feet massage for a deep relaxation and a whole body revitalization


Facial lymhatic drainage ,Japanese facial massage, Chinese lifting massage

Sculpturale Energétique
Natural method that uses acupuncture to regain elasticity and firmness.

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