The process of a Yoga Session

So you’ve decided to go to yoga? What a good idea! You will love it šŸ™‚

In order for you to know what to expect, we recommend you read this article which explains you step by step

The process of a Yoga Session


Le DƩroulement d'une sƩance de yoga


Yoga at El Litoral is a moment of fullness. Anne-Marie gives you her classes in an atmosphere of total relaxation and you will be delighted by her energy!

A yoga class lasts an average of 1 hour and usually takes place in 3 stages:

  • Relaxation
  • Exercises and / or postures
  • Meditative relaxation


Let’s go?



  • The relaxation of course start

This step aims to relax all the muscle mass and prepare for the yoga class itself.

The relaxation is practiced in savasana posture (lying on the back, the palms towards the sky, the limbs relaxed). This is the transition stage between the stress of everyday life, the parasitic thoughts and the yoga class.

Breathing is essential throughout the course, but a good breath during this relaxation phase is important to take full advantage of the entire course.



  • Exercises and / or postures

This is the heart of the yoga class. They are called asanas, they are physical exercises. It is during this part of the course that one stretches one’s muscles, that one strengthens one’s internal organs, and that one stimulates one’s blood and lymphatic circulation. The exercises are done gently because the goal is to become fully aware of his body, not to brutalize!

Depending on student levels, asanas can be followed by pranayama. These are breathing exercises that reinforce the benefits of the postures while purifying the energy currents.



  • Meditative relaxation

This is the last step of the course but not the least important!

Once again in the savasana position, we let ourselves be impregnated by the benefits of the connection with our body. You breathe calmly and meditate while remaining focused on your breathing. At this time, we are refueling with good energy and we are ready for a nice day or a good evening, depending on the time of the course. All our body is released and we are fully aware of ourselves.



I’m sure you now want to do it for good! Contact us for schedules.

El Litoral offers collective or private classes.

Always in a good mood!




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