Weather in Panama

Recent climate events in the Caribbean made us particularly concerned, knowing that we feel very close to our Caribbean friends both geographically and culturally.

What about climate in Panama?

Climat Au Panama


In Panama, as you probably know, there are only two seasons: the dry season and the rainy season. There is little difference in temperature, except in the mountainous regions where it is always cooler.



  • The dry season:

As the name suggests, the dry season is dry, very dry! From mid November to late April, do not expect to find a drop of rain, especially on the Pacific Coast. This is what we call the high season because it is at this time of the year that there are the most tourists and visitors.

This is the best time to visit us if you like the sun constantly and the heat dry. This is also unfortunately the time of year when airfares are the most expensive. You can find out more about the airlines that serve Panama by reading this article.


  • The rainy season:

On our beautiful Pacific coast, the rainy season offers its advantages without its disadvantages. It is common to have one or two good daily showers. During these showers, sometimes we can not drive because of lack of visibility, but luckily, it does not last more than 15-20 minutes in general, this is not enough to spoil the day!

It is the moment when the vegetation blossoms and when everything becomes green as if by enchantment by the alternation of rain and sun. The rainy season runs from May to mid November and the humidity in the air is higher than in the dry season. Although this is not the tourist season, we have seen in the last 2 years that more and more visitors are no longer stopped by the risk of rain.



  • Natural disasters:

We really live in one of the safest countries in the world because we do not have a natural disaster to be deplored. No active volcano, no hurricane or tropical storm, no tornado, and very little earthquake. The rare recorded earthquakes had very low magnitudes.



Now that you have all the elements in hand, there is no longer any reason to delay your visit to Panama. Then contact us quickly to book the holidays of your dreams! See you in El Litoral de Coronado, Panama!

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