The Detox recipe tested and approved by El Litoral

La recette Detox testée et approuvée par le El Litoral

As you know, at El Litoral Bed and Breakfast, we focus on health and well-being. With this in view, we propose to you today

The Detox recipe tested and approved by El Litoral


La recette Detox testée et approuvée par le El Litoral


Watch the video, we list the ingredients right after.

Your Liver Will Be Like A New And You Will Look 10 Years Younger!

Publié par Time For Natural Health Care sur lundi 8 mai 2017


To make this recipe very easy, you will have noticed, you will need:

  • 1 cup sliced ​​cucumbers
  • 1 cup of lemons cut into quarters
  • 1/2 cup chopped parsley
  • 1 large glass of water

Simply mix all the ingredients by passing them to the blender until everything is well liquefied.



Drink 2 glasses a day and enjoy the benefits of this detoxifying diet. Lose a few pounds and boost your liver, you will feel better!

Do not forget to practice regular physical activity to maximize the beneficial effects of your Detox.

We recommend you to use this detox recipe on a period of 2 weeks maximum 2 times a year according to your diet and your physical activity.

As always when it comes to your body and your health, we recommend that you consult with your doctor before starting. Some people sometimes have intolerances and / or allergies and it is always imperative to meet your doctor before any food changes.



Try and tell us what you think!

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A day in El Valle de Anton with GTA Panama

Une journée à El Valle de Anton avec GTA Panama

Here you have arrived at the B & B El Litoral, it is now time to check on the wonderful activities in the surroundings.

To start, what better way than a day in El Valle de Anton with GTA Panama?!

Une journée à El Valle de Anton avec GTA Panama



El Valle de Anton, more commonly known as El Valle, is about 45 minutes from Coronado.

Nestled in the crater of a volcano happily dormant for several centuries, this small picturesque village welcomes you and I am ready to bet you will quickly fall under the spell.

In addition, the temperatures are a bit cooler than by the beach area, another reason for you to really enjoy your day.

So what is the program for the day?

  • The Thermal Baths

A pure moment of relaxation! You have the opportunity to smear your face or entire body of clay, let it act and then go to the thermal pool to rinse and relax. The water is at 38ºC and you will immediately feel the benefits of your treatment!

  • The Butterfly Heaven

As the name suggests, the butterfly heaven abounds with various species of butterflies that twirl around you for your biggest pleasure. The staff in place is passionate and does not dry out of explanations on the development, life span, and specificities of each species.

  • The Craft Market

Impossible to go through El Valle without taking time to get lost in the craft market. An explosion of colors, music, smells of spices or flowers will make you “intoxicated” as never before. It is the ideal place to get souvenirs to bring back to family and friends!

  • A lunch break

In one of the typical restaurants of El Valle according to the days of tours. Each restaurant has been carefully chosen and provides you with quality service.

  • The El Nispero Refuge

This refuge, which has become a zoo, has long been the perfect place to bring wounded wild animals. Indeed, this shelter was in fact the home (and is still) of an animal lover, veterinary on the top pf it. To cope with ever increasing healthcare spending, the shelter has become an attractive center for all those who wish to share a moment of complicity with animals that are rarely seen in the wild. Parrots, tapirs, alligators, pigs, monkeys, all the ingredients are gathered for the enchantment of young and old!

Included in the package: Transportation – Admission to activities – French or English speaking guide.

Not included: Meals – Drinks – Gratuities

Book your tour by email and do not forget to enjoy the Facebook page! See you soon!

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Fly to Panama!

Prenez l'avion jusqu'au Panama!

You are already preparing for your next holiday at Bed and Breakfast El Litoral and you are wondering what is the easiest way to reach us!

A 3-word answer is waiting for you!

Fly to Panama!

Prenez l'avion jusqu'au Panama!

Panama, this Central American country is a real hub. No matter where on the planet you are, you can easily find airline tickets for your favorite destination!

For your convenience, we will detail below the airlines to use depending on where you come from. Buckle your seatbelts, take-off is imminent!

You come from Europe

You have the choice! From Paris, we recommend Air France with daily flights to Tocumen International Airport, code PTY.

In about 11 hours of travel, you go from the grisaille and the routine to a dream holiday in a paradisiacal environment. Air France rates vary from season to season. You should expect to spend around 1000 € (about $ 1200). You can also take off from Amsterdam with KLM Air France group for the same duration and the same price approximately.

From Frankfurt or Munich you can travel by Lufthansa. The journey time is the same, but the prices are much more attractive. The only criterion is that you have to be flexible regarding your dates because the flights do not take place every day and prices vary significantly according to your departure day. Do some simulations on Expedia for example to give you an idea.

If you choose to travel from Madrid to Spain, you have the option of traveling with Iberia which offers scheduled flights to Panama. Again, do not hesitate to do simulations and consider non-stop flights for more comfort.

You come from Canada

Several options are available from Canada.

Almost all US airlines (United, American Airlines, Delta, US Airways to name just a few) have almost daily flights from Canada. Of course, Air Canada also offers scheduled flights to Panama. These companies take you to Tocumen.

From Montreal and Toronto, Sunwing and Air Transat have flights to Rio Hato Airport, which has the undeniable advantage of being just over 30 minutes from El Litoral. (Tocumen International Airport is about 1h30). The only drawback is that these are charter companies that unfortunately do not operate all year round. This will come but, at the moment, flights are regular only during the high season (from November to March for Air Transat).

You come from the United States

Almost every state in the United States serves Panama daily by one of the regular airlines. Whether you’re traveling from Miami or Houston, there’s no way you can not find a flight that takes you to the sun! In the worst case, you have a stopover (often in Atlanta) before you embark on your vacation.

Note that Copa Airlines, a Panamanian company that offers you an EXCEPTIONAL onboard service, provides regular flights to a large number of US cities. If you have a choice, take Copa!

You come from another country

Most importantly, you will always find an airline that will offer you a flight with or without a stopover for Tocumen. Panama is very central and you can go anywhere from here. So it’s obvious that you can come here from everywhere!

And do not forget that “All roads lead to Panama”! So we are waiting for you!

If you do not have time to browse all airlines to find the cheapest pearl, you can use Skyscanner, either on the web or smartphone and compare flights with 1 click. It’s easy! So, no more excuse to postpone your reservations !!!

In the meantime, maintain your dreams and subscribe to our newsletter so you’re not missing any update!

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Children also love yoga

Les enfants aussi aiment le yoga

Yoga has long been considered a sport apart, reserved for people of a certain age or “wisdom” out of the ordinary!

Fortunately, things have changed and yoga has finally become accessible to all. Practicing it on a regular basis brings considerable benefits to the body and mind.

But did you know that:

Children also love yoga

Les enfants aussi aiment le yoga



Not only do children enjoy practicing yoga, but it has benefits for their health and well-being such as:

The inner balance

There is often a tendency to consider that children are naturally balanced and that the mere fact of going to school and socializing with their classmates is sufficient. This is sometimes true, but in the present day, it is strongly advised to start at an early stage to maintain internal equilibrium. The habits acquired at a young age remain as a reflex.

Body Balance and Flexibility

Like internal equilibrium, body balance is important and the practice of yoga very early allows to limit the risks of fall by imbalance. The combination of flexibility with body balance allows children to practice all kinds of activity without even thinking about it. Gymnastics, horse riding, surfing, and all other sports that require a well-balanced body will be all the more pleasant because the balance will already be acquired.


Yoga has this wonderful ability to teach us how to “emptiness” and focus on our breathing. For children or teenagers, it is sometimes difficult to keep concentration at its best for a long time. Luckily, young people who practice yoga can apply the breathing techniques learned in yoga classes and refocus themselves more easily than others.

Stress Management

There is a tendency to believe that stress is only experienced by adults. It is not so. Children and adolescents are also subjected to stress levels during their lives. This may come from relationships with others, from leaving one’s family cocoon for school, or from hormone secretion in adolescence. Again, the practice of yoga from an early age allows our children to go through these steps without any problems.


These are just a few examples of the benefits of yoga on children and teens. There are many other positive aspects to yoga practice among young people.


We now offer you the El Litoral de Coronado, Panama yoga classes for children and teenagers. Do not hesitate to try, your children will be transformed.

By domino effect, your health will also improve!

Simply click on the image to send us an email and enroll your children in our classes designed for them with a dedicated teacher.




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See you soon in B & B El Litoral, in Coronado, Panama!

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5 reasons to retire in Panama

5 raisons de prendre sa retraite au Panama

We work most of our lives and when the long-awaited moment to withdraw from working life, we are sometimes confronted with uncertainties! With this in mind, we are giving you today

5 reasons to retire in Panama

5 raisons de prendre sa retraite au Panama


Who has never dreamed of retiring to a warm country? Panama is a tropical country in Central America where it is hot all year round. There are only 2 seasons in Panama: the dry season and the rainy season.

During the dry season, as its name suggests, not a raindrop for about 4 months, from December to March. The rainy season is generally more pronounced on the Caribbean coast than on the Pacific coast. In Coronado (Pacific Coast), it sometimes rains 1 hour or 2 per day and you then enjoy a rest of sunny day. The humidity level is however quite important but nothing unbearable either!

Temperatures range from 28 ° C to 35 ° C throughout the year, except in mountainous areas where you have cooler temperatures where you can even wear a small jacket. This is the advantage of certain areas of Panama: neither too hot nor too cold!


Panama remains a land of welcome for retirees. Some formalities are necessary to obtain a permanent residence under status “pensionado” or “jubilado”. You just have to have a minimum of pension income and a few papers to add to that.

We work in close cooperation with the Expatriation-Panama company, which can assist you in your expatriation and immigration procedures in Panama. You can visit their website where you will already find answer to many of your questions or queries.

Medical care

Panama has long been famous for its medical tourism especially among Americans where health care expenses are sometimes incredibly high.

Dental, optical and aesthetic treatments are very affordable in Panama and there are very good hospitals for more serious care. Many doctors have studied in the United States and are therefore bilingual, which often facilitates exchanges.

A consultation with a general practitioner does not exceed $ 15 and you will be taken care of very seriously by competent physicians.


Tocumen International Airport (PTY airport code) is a “hub”. Indeed, you can go anywhere from Panama with international and renowned companies. Whether you want to visit South America, Europe, Asia or North America, you will always find a flight that will take you wherever you want, without having to go around the world to get to your destination!


There are discount programs in Panama for retirees on various products and services, it is always very interesting to show your pension card when you buy certain products. You can find some examples here of the discounts granted to pensioners.

We suggest you enjoy only a few days of vacation to come and visit us and go around the country. You will then have all the cards in hand to retire in Panama!

Sign up for our newsletter so you do not miss out! See you soon in the sun!

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The Benefits of a Yoga Retreat

Les bienfaits d'une retraite de Yoga

In our modern era where we are constantly “online”, we regularly need to disconnect and recharge. From this point of view, we now enumerate:

The Benefits of a Yoga Retreat

Les bienfaits d'une retraite de Yoga

Before going any further, it is important that you know that you will be perfectly supervised and trained by a certified teacher, who is none other than your hostess, Anne-Marie Bergeron.

Anne-Marie has been teaching yoga for many years and is regularly getting trainings to bring you the best benefit of every yoga session.

Considering a yoga retreat is the best option when looking to:

Reconnect with yourself

Here, the important thing is you. Everything is done so that you can find yourself if you have lost yourself along the way of life, or simply reconnect.

Disconnect from your everyday life

We all have a routine. For some, this means caring for his or her family, for others, focusing on his or her career, or leading the two fronts!

A yoga retreat allows you to get away from all the daily details and focus on yourself. It is the ideal solution when you can not afford a long holiday, because the benefits are maximized in a minimum of time.

Changing environment

Sometimes we feel that we are completely blocked in our projects and we do not see any concrete development. This also concerns creatives people and writers, who find themselves faced with the “drama of the blank page”. In these cases, the best solution is to step back and change the scenery.

Improve your yoga practice

The concept of a yoga retreat is that the whole program is oriented around yoga in its various forms. You will therefore progress very quickly while recharging yourself in an idyllic environment where everything is done to make you feel good.

Getting rid of stress by replenishing energy

We are all aware that the ancient practice of yoga makes it possible to free oneself from the stress and to renew its energy. The benefit of a yoga retreat is that you will enjoy an intensive treatment! Stress carries an astronomical amount of toxins in your body and sometimes it can no longer be evacuated. This has dramatic consequences, whether physical or moral. By replenishing energy, stress is choking and disappears as if by magic!

The Bonus El Litoral!

You are going to do your yoga retreat in Panama! Have you ever dreamed of going on vacation in the tropics? This is the opportunity. Not only are these vacations, but you will come back completely transformed and into an Olympic form!

In addition, the accommodation offered is absolutely divine, and the food served is carefully prepared with fresh products. We are also able to offer special menus on request. (Gluten-free, vegetarian, vegan, etc.)

Stay connected on our Facebook page and subscribe to our newsletter to know the dates of our next retreats.

A very soon for an unforgettable session where you will be in phase with yourself.

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6 Activities to Practice in Coronado and Surroundings

6 Activités à Pratiquer à Coronado et Environs

6 Activités à Pratiquer à Coronado et Environs

Now that you have arrived at El Litoral Bed and Breakfast, it is time to give you something to do!

That is why we are proposing to you today

6 Activities to Practice in Coronado and Surroundings

For some, holidays are synonymous of rest, beach and cocktails! For others, there is no way of alternating siesta and relaxation by the sea. Luckily, Panama and especially Coronado offers you a wide variety of activities.


Without even going out of El Litoral, you can practice yoga with our wonderful yoga teacher. Her smile and good energy are a bonus to her knowledge in reconnecting to ourselves through Yoga.

As a variant, and for the sportiest (or reckless!) of you, you will have the chance to try Flying Yoga. For more information, you can watch this video:


The Pilates system is a mild sport aiming to develop balance without any sudden movement. You also develop a physical form without brutally soliciting your tendons or ligaments. Although it is quite possible to feel some stiffness, it is a practice that does not cause you pain during the effort. For more information, click here. Again, you can practice Pilates at El Litoral.

Walking on the Beach

At a very short walking distance from the BnB El Litoral, you will have the chance to walk on the beautiful beach of Coronado. What could be more relaxing than strolling around at the end of the day, letting you soak in the soothing sound of the waves? If you are an early riser, you will have the chance to see the sun rise over the sea and there is nothing comparable. It’s pure beauty!


Practically opposite the BnB El Litoral you will find the Golf Club de Coronado which offers weekly subscriptions, sometimes even daily. Contact us for more information on this activity.


Much more fun than the kayak but just as energizing, a stroll on the water where you are the captain of your floating device! You can practice the paddle in a totally relaxed way by sitting or kneeling or in a slightly sportier way while standing. The most difficult part is to keep the balance but it is so funny to fall to the sea that there is no reason to deprive yourself!


For the more athletic of you, you can take surf lessons at San Carlos Surf Resort which is about 20 minutes drive from the BnB El Litoral. You will be surrounded by seasoned surfers who will share their passion for this sport while preserving your safety.

As you can see, the B & B El Litoral is not a simple Bed and Breakfast! It is a good-mood mine and activities for all tastes! Do not hesitate, we are waiting for you to make your holidays extraordinary memories! See you soon!

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4 Differences between BnB and All Inclusive

4 Differences entre Bnb et Tout Inclus

When we talk about holidays abroad, we all face the same dilemma … What accommodation should we give priority to? To help you in your choice, here is

4 Differences between BnB and All Inclusive

4 Differences entre Bnb et Tout Inclus


When you book in a large hotel chain like Club Med, you’re sure to find what you’re looking for. Indeed, the big chains offer you the same benefits anywhere in the world. This can be reassuring for those who have saved all year for their annual vacation week.

On the other hand, when you book in a Bed and Breakfast, you go a little on the adventure! But what a joy to be immersed in the life of a country! In most cases, owners of these establishments fold in four to make your stay an unforgettable adventure and because of the limited number of rooms you can be certain that your requests will be listened to and executed as far as possible. For example, in El Litoral, we have personalized activities and tours offered by selected and tested partners.

The uniqueness of the rooms

All-inclusive hotels usually offer a few basic room types depending on where you are going. That said, the rooms are all decorated in the same way, the bedspreads all have the same color and the furniture is equivalent in each room.

In a bed and breakfast, each room has its own touch and is decorated in a different way. At the El Litoral for example, we offer 4 bedrooms, 2 of which can be combined into a family room. Each of our rooms has its own decoration and its own dominant color. You can see them here.

The breakfasts

In all-inclusive hotels, you can expect to find the same continental breakfast, no matter where in the world you are traveling. This is also part of the choice of some who know they will not be too disoriented by the food proposed. But is not it a shame not to test the local products?

The concept of the Bed and Breakfast is actually the Breakfast! Every day you can enjoy a local breakfast, prepared with fresh local products. Why come to Panama and settle for a canned fruit salad while a fresh papaya awaits you? Why eat a vulgar omelet when you can feast on home-made Bénédicte eggs?

Value for money

When you stay at an all inclusive hotel, you actually have your room (sometimes of minimal size alas) and you have all your meals, drinks, and in-house activities included, so no surprises you might say. That is true. That said, what is the quality of the food? You have to know that in order to be able to offer “attractive” rates, hotels sometimes have to decide quality, and it is ultimately you who pay the price in the end …

It is true that when you book a room in a Bed and Breakfast, only breakfast is included. That said, the owners are a gold mine in terms of information about the good restaurants in their area and about the activities in which you can participate to make your holidays fantastic memories.

To conclude, the holidays in a bed and breakfast do not suit everyone, it is a fact. Some still prefer the all inclusive concept because they know what to expect, it’s no surprise. But is not the surprise the best way to spend a memorable holiday? Moreover, internet access has greatly facilitated access to the reviews of previous travelers and it is now easy to simply follow the advice of others to make our reservations. In this regard, you can find what our customers say about us here! You see? Do not hesitate any more and book your room at El Litoral!

Stay up to date with our specials!

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Escape at El Litoral

You need to relax on the weekend and you don’t know where to go?

How about an

“Escape at the El Litoral”?

The Bed and Breakfast El Litoral offers 2 formulas for relaxing and reconnecting with yourself.

  • The daily pass formula where you can spend a day in a full and peaceful environment and good energies
  • The all inclusive formula for the weekend of your dreams.

Whatever your choice is, you won’t regret and spend an unforgettable time!

Escape at El Litoral


Escape at El Litoral


Contact us to book your place, visit us! See you soon.

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Enjoying Eggs Bénédicte at El Litoral

Déguster des Œufs Bénédicte au El Litoral

Déguster des Œufs Bénédicte au El Litoral


We always wonder what we can bring back to holiday memories!

What if it was the time to taste eggs Bénédicte as at El Litoral?

We are pleased to give you the ingredients and the preparation instructions for this wonderful breakfast, specialty of El Litoral. This recipe is for 4 people, do not hesitate to adapt.



For poached eggs:

  • 8 eggs 15 ml (1 tablespoon)
  • white vinegar
  • Salt

For the Hollandaise sauce:

  • 45 ml (3 tablespoons) of water
  • 15 ml (1 tablespoon) of white wine vinegar
  • 3 egg yolks
  • 180 ml (3/4 cup) unsalted butter, melted
  • Salt and pepper


For garnish:

  • 8 slices of bacon or smoked ham
  • 30 ml (2 tablespoons) butter, salted or not
  • 5 ml (1 teaspoon) maple syrup
  • 4 English muffins, halved
  • 4 slices crisp bacon, thinly sliced
  • 15 ml (1 tablespoon) fresh chives, chopped
  • Salt and pepper


The preparation

Hollandaise sauce

In the top of a bain-marie, out of the heat, whisk water, white wine vinegar and egg yolks. Place the bain-marie over the simmering water and whisk until the texture becomes thick and frothy. Do not overcook the mixture to avoid coagulating the egg yolks. Remove the bowl from the bain-marie. Remove from the heat and whisk in melted butter. Salt and pepper. Cover with plastic wrap directly on the surface of the sauce. Reserve warm.

Poached eggs

In a saucepan of simmering water, pour the white vinegar. Break the eggs in small ramekins. Slide them gradually into the water. Cook 4 eggs at a time. Leave to poach for 2 to 3 minutes or until desired cooking. Normally, the yellows should be flowing and the whites cooked, but trembling. Drain the eggs on a plate lined with paper towels. Cook other eggs.


In a non-stick skillet, heat the back bacon (or smoked ham) in the butter and maple syrup for about 1 minute or until it is warm. Book. Grill the English muffins in the toaster. Spread a little Dutch sauce over the English muffins. Garnish with back bacon. Place an egg on each half-English muffin. Cover with sauce. Sprinkle with bacon and chives.

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