International Day of Yoga June 21 2018

Starting the Year from the Good Foot!

Commencer l'Année du Bon Pied!

We are coming to the end of a busy 2017 and we are ready to welcome 2018!

How about a little reading about

Starting the Year from the Good Foot!


Commencer l'Année du Bon Pied!

There is no “miracle” technique, but it is not very difficult to prepare for a new year and to put all the chances on your side to make the best of the upcoming year!

Here is a small list of things to put in place:

  • Have a detox week
  • Get into sport
  • Make good resolutions (and hold them!)
  • Define goals and projects
  • Make a bucket list for the year.



  • Have a detox week

You can find a considerable amount of detox recipes that your body enjoys at least 2 times a year! The ideal is to make one in spring and one in fall. These are the seasons that require the most adaptation to our body and we sometimes feel weaker at these times. So detox first and then, adopt smoothies and fresh fruits for your daily vitamin intake!



  • Get into sport

This is a year that ends and it is quite possible that we have a little forced on the calories since September … It’s time to get serious about physical exercise! There is no need to subscribe to a crossfit class if you are not very active. Indeed, you will be discouraged quickly by the intensity of the exercises. Better to put it gradually. Go for long walks or try yoga!

It is best to start by getting back in shape before moving on to a more physical workout.



  • Make good resolutions (and hold them!)

Eh eh! The good resolutions at the beginning of the year, that’s good. But when we gave up everything at the beginning of March, it’s not so good! Take realistic resolutions! Some people decide to lose 40 pounds in 3 months while these pounds have taken 20 years to accumulate … Take the resolution instead to eat healthier and do one hour of yoga a week, the pounds will go quietly without putting yourself in a terrible frustration!



  • Define goals and projects

Just like the resolutions, objectives and projects that we define at the beginning of the year must be realistic.

Not only must the objectives be realistic, but more importantly, they must be given a date of achievement and a plan to achieve them. It takes a bit of discipline, but it makes a big positive change in our lives.



  • Make a bucket list

We have all in one corner of our head this desire to spend 3 weeks in the Maldive Islands, but have you ever thought of making a list of wishes a little more realistic? The advantage is that these are wishes you can make.

As simple as “reading a book a month”, set yearly wishes that make you happy. Imagine taking advantage of these simple and realistic wishes, this is the first step towards success!



As you can see, it’s easy enough to start the year from the good foot! Do not hesitate to contact us for advice and the implementation of a personalised fitness program. See you soon!

Best wishes from the team of Bed & Breakfast and Holistic Center El Litoral!


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3 good reasons to spend the holidays at El Litoral

3 bonnes raisons de venir passer les fêtes au El Litoral

We are entering the final stretch towards the end of this year 2017 and there are still a few days left to make your end-of-year festivities absolutely incredible memories!

Here are 3 good reasons to spend the holidays at El Litoral


3 bonnes raisons de venir passer les fêtes au El Litoral



  • Opt for the change of scenery

Panama is a small country in Central America where temperatures range between 24 and 30 degrees, so for Christmas and New Year, this is the place!

Easily accessible from all over the world (you can read this article for more information), the Bed and Breakfast El Litoral is located in Coronado, on the Pacific coast 30 minutes from Rio Hato airport or 1h30 from the Tocumen international airport.

By opting for the end of year holidays in Panama, you will ensure a total change of scenery and memories that will continue to make you dream after your return home.



  • Swap the cold of winter against the heat of the tropics

A flambé in a fireplace, it’s nice! But what about spending New Year in the pool? It’s just amazing!

What a pleasure to sip a cocktail in a swimsuit while watching the fireworks from the beach! It sounds totally unrealistic, it’s true, and yet it’s what we do every year and I can assure you that the pleasure is always the same!



  • Come back tanned and make them envious

What a pleasure to go back to work in January after having sunbathed! Your colleagues envy you and you feel in great shape, bursting with energy! It’s the magic of sun and tanning!

What a pleasure to smile in the mirror every time we see our healthy tan and remember that this heavenly place we thought inaccessible is actually a few hours away by plane!



Of course, there are a number of other reasons to spend the holidays at El Litoral! The warm welcome will pleasantly surprise you, the peaceful arrangement of the rooms will allow you to recharge your batteries and the healthy breakfasts proposed will make you want to return as soon as possible!


Do not hesitate a minute more, go to the page of our rooms and select your favorite! See you soon under the sun of El Litoral!



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The interest of energy care

L'intérêt des soins énergétiques

At the present time, we are all looking for ways to maintain our health potential at its best. More and more, we are looking for natural methods with no side effects to get there. At the El Litoral holistic center, we offer a wide range of services to achieve this goal and today we will focus on:


The interest of energy care


L'intérêt des soins énergétiques




As you probably know, the human body is mostly composed of energy, apart from the physical elements of course!

Our energy system is somehow our most precious shield. The life we ​​are currently living in is very demanding of this shield, often because of stress, poor nutrition, lack of sleep, and so on. When we rely too much on this shield, it eventually weakens and we suffer the consequences: fatigue, anxiety, depression, illness, and any other inconvenience related to the fact that we take our energy system for granted …

The ideal is not to wait to get there!



Receive energy care at
El Litoral


Energy care therefore naturally comes into what we already offer you at El Litoral as part of our holistic activities.

During an energy care session, your physical body begins its process of self-healing and you feel better immediately after the session, with continuous improvement over several days. Your energy system is rebalanced and you feel in an incredible shape!

Although energy care is not seen as traditional medicine, if you are sick, your recovery will be quicker and if, in the worst case, you have to suffer from an incurable disease, the suffering related to your state of health would be diminished.



We will never repeat it enough, take care of your health and your energy system. Join us at the El Litoral Holistic Center for an assessment of your needs and advice tailored to your situation.

Rebalance your chakras and live in harmony! Namaste!



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Rediscover the Holistic Center El Litoral

Redécouvrez le Centre Holistique El Litoral

For those who already know us, this article is a continuation of what we have always proposed. For those who discover us, first of all, we welcome you to this space which, we hope, will make you want to visit us.

Discover or Rediscover the

Holistic Center El Litoral


Redécouvrez le Centre Holistique El Litoral



El Litoral is a bed and breakfast located in Coronado on the Pacific coast of Panama. We offer 4 rooms to choose from. You can enjoy our homemade breakfasts and a space for relaxation and rest.

But that’s not all! The El Litoral is also a holistic center where everything is done so that you can recharge your batteries and refuel yourself thanks to our activities.


  • Yoga

Yoga classes are taught by Anne-Marie Bergeron, a certified teacher who will charm you with her know-how, dedication, smile and infectious good mood.


  • Pilates

Like yoga, pilates classes are offered by Anne-Marie and you will quickly get back in shape with all the equipment and support that we offer at El Litoral.


  • Massages

El Litoral has an annexed spa where you can choose from various massages. Whether it is a lymphatic drainage or a simple relaxing massage, you will inevitably find what suits you and what you want.

     Nutritional advice

At the El Litoral holistic center, everything is geared towards optimizing your health. You will have the opportunity to make an evaluation of your needs and leave with complete information about the foods that are good for you.


  • Wellness retreats

Regularly, the center El Litoral offers you retreats of well-being. Whether on a weekend or a week, do not hesitate because you will feel the benefits immediately and your health will be greatly improved.



As always, we are at your disposal to advise you on the best ways to preserve your health capital according to your lifestyle.

We are a Bed & Breakfast with a holistic center, making El Litoral the ideal place to rest and recharge in exceptional conditions.

Book your next stay today and enjoy our skills to improve your life! See you soon!



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