5 Restaurants to try in Coronado

You have arrived at the wonderful safe heaven that is the Bed and Breakfast El Litoral! Despite the sumptuous breakfasts that await you, we offer

5 Restaurants to try in Coronado

for your lunches and dinners.


5 Restaurants à essayer à Coronado


  • The Nazca 21
  • The Vieni Qua
  • The Sandbar
  • The Luna Rossa
  • Don Chacho



  • The Nazca 21

A Peruvian restaurant for the food lovers. A beautiful setting awaits you at The Village shopping center in Coronado. Located upstairs, you can enjoy the view from the air-conditioned room.

The service is really personalized, the smile and the advice are waiting for you.

You can find another restaurant Nazca 21 in Panama City in the wonderful neighborhood of Casco Viejo.

Rates are relatively affordable for quality.



  • The Vieni Qua

Vieni Qua is a chain of Italian restaurants that you can find in Panama City, Costa Verde in La Chorrera and Coronado in Las Terrazas shopping center in Coronado.

At Vieni Qua de Coronado, you will be welcomed with a smile and you will have the opportunity to settle in the air-conditioned room or on the terrace.

Do not forget to ask for their homemade hot sauce to season your dish. Be careful though, she stings!

The prices are quite affordable, all the ingredients are there for a good meal!



  • The Gastropub Sandbar

A multi-cuisine restaurant where you can be sure to find a dish to your liking. From burgers to grilled fish, you have a choice!

In addition, regular festive events are organized, so you can join the gastronomy at the party, pure happiness! Whether it’s live music or karaoke nights, you’ll have fun!

The bill is a little higher than for previous but the benefits are up to it.



  • The Luna Rossa

Another Italian restaurant to try in Coronado. Always fresh produce in the kitchen, you will certainly not be disappointed by what is on your plate!

The setting is perfect, very quiet, and you also have the choice of the interior or the terrace. You can read this detailed article about Luna Rossa restaurant in Coronado.



  • Don Chacho

You have arrived in a Panamanian restaurant where you will first be seduced by the setting. You will have the choice between typical Panamanian cuisine and a wide range of grills of your choice.

As a general rule, you will be satisfied with the choice of restaurant. The bill is quite high in case you get your meal a good bottle of wine.

But what would be a good meal without a good accompanying wine!?!



Do not hesitate to contact us for other restaurant recommendations. Coronado is a town in full swing and new things are common!

See you soon around a good table!



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