5 reasons to retire in Panama

We work most of our lives and when the long-awaited moment to withdraw from working life, we are sometimes confronted with uncertainties! With this in mind, we are giving you today

5 reasons to retire in Panama

5 raisons de prendre sa retraite au Panama


Who has never dreamed of retiring to a warm country? Panama is a tropical country in Central America where it is hot all year round. There are only 2 seasons in Panama: the dry season and the rainy season.

During the dry season, as its name suggests, not a raindrop for about 4 months, from December to March. The rainy season is generally more pronounced on the Caribbean coast than on the Pacific coast. In Coronado (Pacific Coast), it sometimes rains 1 hour or 2 per day and you then enjoy a rest of sunny day. The humidity level is however quite important but nothing unbearable either!

Temperatures range from 28 ° C to 35 ° C throughout the year, except in mountainous areas where you have cooler temperatures where you can even wear a small jacket. This is the advantage of certain areas of Panama: neither too hot nor too cold!


Panama remains a land of welcome for retirees. Some formalities are necessary to obtain a permanent residence under status “pensionado” or “jubilado”. You just have to have a minimum of pension income and a few papers to add to that.

We work in close cooperation with the Expatriation-Panama company, which can assist you in your expatriation and immigration procedures in Panama. You can visit their website where you will already find answer to many of your questions or queries.

Medical care

Panama has long been famous for its medical tourism especially among Americans where health care expenses are sometimes incredibly high.

Dental, optical and aesthetic treatments are very affordable in Panama and there are very good hospitals for more serious care. Many doctors have studied in the United States and are therefore bilingual, which often facilitates exchanges.

A consultation with a general practitioner does not exceed $ 15 and you will be taken care of very seriously by competent physicians.


Tocumen International Airport (PTY airport code) is a “hub”. Indeed, you can go anywhere from Panama with international and renowned companies. Whether you want to visit South America, Europe, Asia or North America, you will always find a flight that will take you wherever you want, without having to go around the world to get to your destination!


There are discount programs in Panama for retirees on various products and services, it is always very interesting to show your pension card when you buy certain products. You can find some examples here of the discounts granted to pensioners.

We suggest you enjoy only a few days of vacation to come and visit us and go around the country. You will then have all the cards in hand to retire in Panama!

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